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The Director of Performance

Your Mind is the Director.

It determines the quality of your performance.

It is also where your movement patterns are stored.

Your Body Is the Actor.

It reacts to the directions sent by your Mind.

It also gives you signals of your mental state.

Your Emotions are the Audience.

They can give you energy and focus.

Or they can create doubt and uncertainty.

Do you ever feel like your "team" members do not like each other... or don't play well with the other kids?

Like your Mind can't let go of your failed performances (the past) or can't stop thinking about the results you want (the future) from this performance.

Like your Body is tired of the same old "pep talk" and weak, wandering focus from the Mind and it just doesn't want to listen anymore.

Like the Audience is totally out of control and goes from being raving fans to being your worst critic in an instant?

There is research proven and athlete tested training that can help get your "team" working together.

Before you start using the training... there is an important step you need to take.

The step is recognizing and truly understanding that you need to train your brain.

If you still "deep down" believe that improving your swing will give you access to your golfing goals... you are not ready for Mental Game training.


Because no matter how good your swing is you can still hit terrible shots.

Otherwise Tour Pros would never hit bad shots.

They do not lose their swing from one shot to the next.

This is true for you too.

Because trained swing patterns are PERMANENTLY stored in the brain.

They do not get lost.

What gets lost is the ability to access the swing you want.

This is a mental focus issue not a swing issue.

Your swings are like files stored on a computer.

All the good ones and all the bad ones are always in there.

You need to train your brain so that you can get the swing you want... When you want it.

Remember... The Director Runs the Show.

If the Director does its job properly... the Body and the Emotions are going to follow its direction.

But even with golfers who come to me strictly for Mental Game help... we often do some skills tuning as well.

The "team" is after all a "team".

You can't just work on one member of the "team" and ignore everybody else.

Getting the right balance for YOU is the key to an effective improvement process.

The first step... is just to help you understand how the Mind, Body and Emotions are supposed to work together and how you can help them get on the same page more consistently.

The second step... is applying your new knowledge to your training so you can build a strong "team" oriented foundation for performance.

The final step is applying your new knowledge and your improved training processes to your performances.

Which brings you full circle to The Bottom Line.

Getting your Mind, your Body and your Emotions performing from the same script so you can access your best swings under pressure.


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