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Rehearse Your Shot

There are three reasons WHY it is important to rehearse your shot:

1. Physical

2. Psychological

3. Neurobiological

✓ Physical Rehearsal is about "Preparation".

In addition to the usual suspects:

G - Grip

P - Posture

A - Alignment

It is also critical to make sure your physical "Pressure Indicators" are optimized:

M - Muscle Tension

B - Breathing Depth

✓ Psychological Rehearsal is all about "Trust".

Rehearsing the look and the feel of the shot/swing helps you reinforce the Commitment that you have chosen the best shot and calm down any doubts that you may have.

✓ Neurobiological Rehearsal is about "Focus".

+ When your Focus is optimized... you have Access to the best shots that you have trained.🔥

× When your Focus is not optimized (distracted my thoughts/emotions or feeling squeezed by pressure)... You can hit shots that make you wonder where the hell they came from.😡

• Optimizing your Focus means being able to access the correct system in your brain at the correct time in your pre-shot routine.

✓ Your best shots can only occur when you are using your sensory/motor system in your brain.

You have three systems:

1. Cognitive

The Cognitive System is the system you use to "Commit to Your Shot".

2. Emotional

The Emotional System can help you on the golf course... but it is best used in between shots and not during the pre-shot routine.

3. Sensory/Motor

The Sensory Motor (Action) system is the optimum system for accessing your best movement skills.

✓ When you have a high degree of trust.

✓ When you are fully prepared physically.

✓ When your Rehearsal is full and effective.

You "Let Your Shot Happen" as opposed to trying to "Make it Happen".

This is the definition of optimum use of the Sensory/Motor system.

• Train it, prepare it and trust it.

• See it, feel it and let it happen.

Your pre-shot routine should start in the Cognitive System to get full Commitment to your optimum shot.

If your pre shot routine ends in the Sensory/Motor system... You will have the best chance of hitting the shot that you committed to.⛳

Btw... The Sensory/Motor system is the gateway to the Zone.👍

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