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Up to 5x Faster Acquisition

Up to 2x Faster Mastery


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What Golfers Say

GGZAP Client
"I started working with Geoff after 6 months of missed cuts on tour. Things began to change right after our first Zoom call. We worked on rebuilding my confidence for speed control in putts and built a strategy in our first session. I made the cut in my next event... AND I finished T20 which is my highest finish yet."
Spencer Mellon
PGA Latin America Tour

Train Your Brain. Transform Your Game.

You work hard to strengthen and improve your physical skill quality for your sport.

You understand it takes challenging, incremental steps to master your skills.

You know you have the potential to achieve the goals that you have set.


You get frustrated with your inconsistent access to your best skills.

You get frustrated by pressure blocking access to your best far too often. 

You get really frustrated when your skill level regresses with no explanation.


You are ready to take positive action to overcome your frustration.

You are ready to add new game changing abilities to your sport skill set.

You are ready to strengthen your mental skills and start to Access Your Best.


Zone Action Plan

GGZAP Golfer Training Options

If you have never experienced Zone training before the 3 Hour ZAP is a perfect way to introduce yourself to the power of the Getting in the Zone in your golf game.


The "3 Hour Golf ZAP" Includes:

  • Zone Challenges

  • Video Lessons

  • Zone Access Exercises

  • Zone Metric Tracking Docs

  • Step by Step Success Map

  • DIY Convenience

The 3 Hour ZAP helps you build a pre-shot routine to make sure you are in or near the Zone for every shot. 


Click the button below to get started with your 3 Hour ZAP.


If you want to strengthen your mental performance skills and get in the Zone a lot more often... The 6 Week Tune Up is the definitely the right choice for you.

The "Tune Up" Includes:

  • 1 on 1 Coaching w/Geoff

  • Pre and Post Shot Routines

  • Pressure Proof Your Focus

  • Manage Your Emotions

  • Minimize Inconsistency

  • Call For Junior Programs

The 6 Week Tune Up ZAP is a game changer.  Get your mind/body and emotions working together.


Click the button below and book your Zoom "Tune Up" strategy call.


If you are ready to transform the way you practice, the way you play AND take your game to a new levels of excellence... the Transformation is tailor made for you.

The "Transformation" includes:


  • 1 on 1 Coaching w/Geoff

  • The Zone Tune Up Plus

  • Zone Practice Tools

  • Zone On Course Resets

  • Zone Self Coaching Tips

  • Call For Junior Programs


The 12 Week Transformation ZAP

will give you direct Access to Your Best golf.


Click the button below to start "Transforming" your game.


Transformation Testimonial

My experience with Geoff is that he takes his client relationships and his client's success very seriously.


As we have progressed through the ZAP Transformation program it has become clear to me that he is not satisfied unless he has meaningfully helped and improved his clients.


His commitment to my personal improvement made it very easy for me to trust him as a teacher and as a person. Because of that trust, the changes I observed throughout the transformation program were accelerated and it generated compounding positive effects on and (especially) off the course.


His availability for texts, calls, and emails to answer questions I had were beyond what I expected. He's a great person to learn from, and a great person to work with.


I'm also appreciative of the resources he made available, and of course his own time, throughout the transformation program.


To sum it up, Geoff is someone I've learned a lot from about golf, competing, and overall mindset.

Rob Truesdell

4 Handicap

VP Pangea

GGZAP Methodology Deep Dive

Comments about GGZAP

"Getting to the point where I have no swing thoughts is what allows me to execute my best shots. Geoff's instruction has helped me quiet excess swing thoughts, raise my confidence and lower my scores."
Dudley Tarlton
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