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Zone Begins in the Brain

"Accessing The Zone" is a Multi BILLION dollar industry.

Navy Seals, Professional Sports Teams, Formula 1 Teams, Fortune 500 Companies and Silicon Valley Companies are just a few of the teams, clubs and organizations spending billions of dollars to increase access to the Zone.


Studies have shown getting in the Zone dramatically increases:

  • Focus

  • Creativity

  • Motivation

  • Productivity

  • Engagement

  • Problem Solving

Studies have also shown getting in the Zone dramatically decreases:

  • ​​Fear

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Burnout

  • Pressure

  • Frustration

Whether you are looking for a brief presentation/speaking engagement or an ongoing consulting/coaching partnership GGZAP can help.

GGZAP Client Aaron Goodman

What Clients Say

"Geoff is such a dynamic, engaging speaker that we felt fortunate to have him speak to our PGA members.  His presentation “Mastering the Mental Game” truly resonated with our golf professionals who play and teach the game at a high level. In his very lively, energizing session, Geoff gave them clear tips on all the options available for effectively training focus for golfers.  Most importantly, he shared actionable suggestions on how to easily implement a variety of golf specific, proven strategies to help golfers of all levels get “in the zone” on the course.”
Aaron Goodman
Utah Section PGA

GGZAP Consulting Benefits

Tiger Woods Presence


GGZAP Consulting Options

The Zone is "hard wired" into each and every member of your team.


GGZAP presentations are a great first step toward understanding how your team can take advantage of the "hard wiring" to make powerful, positive change.


GGZAP presentations explore how Zone access gets mind, body and emotions working together to drive passion for the process and performance to new heights.

GGZAP presentations can be done live or via video conference and are tailored to match your needs and your goals.

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Looking to "dive in" to the Zone deeper than a Zone presentation?


GGZAP Immersion consultations explore goal setting, process structuring, training methodology and practical exercises targeted for your team.


Q&A plays an integral part in all consultation sessions to ensure your entire team clearly understands and fully engages with your team specific ZAP map.


GGZAP Immersion consultations can be experienced live, via video conference or any combination of the two.

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Award Winning Coaching is the ultimate team success trigger.


Achieving big goals is much easier when you have a mentor who fully understands the process and has "walked the path" to Zone access in multiple sports.

When your team is ready to finally  overcome the challenges of distracted focus, negative emotions and pressure... they are ready for GGZAP mentoring.


Want to find out exactly how GGZAP Coaching works? Click the button below to set up a free zoom call.

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