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Develop Your Skills. Grow Your Business

Zone Training for Coaches

Are you ready to take your Coaching Skills to the next level?

  • Help your students improve their skills faster

  • Help your students perform better under pressure

  • Help your students manage their most challenging emotions

  • Help your students get mind, body and emotions working together

Are you ready to take your Coaching Business to the next level?

  • Add Zone Performance tools to your teaching tool belt

  • Add more new students to your lesson book

  • Add more referrals from current students

  • Become the Zone Improvement and Performance Specialist in your region

GGZAP Coach Training Programs are specifically adapted to match your needs and your goals.

What Coaches Say

Dr. Bill Campbell
Performance Psychologist
TPI Board Member

Geoff is a outstanding instructor and leading edge innovator in Mental Training for coaches.


His background as an athlete, coach and Mental training specialist gives him the ability to help coaches in a way that few others can.


His GGZAP Mental Performance training for Coaches is a unique combination of what you need to know and how to do it. 


It is highly effective for increasing the effectiveness of any golf teaching business.

As a PGA Teacher I am always looking for ways to help my students play better and improve faster.

As a tournament golfer I am always looking for new ways improve my personal on course performance.


Geoff's expertise has helped me reach another level of performance using his unique style of mental training.


The best part is you can apply his training to so many things in life in addition to golf.

I have worked with Geoff and I am always impressed with his knowledge of the mental game.

I referred one of my junior golfers to Geoff to work on his mental game for tournament golf.

His focus and confidence in challenging situations has improved dramatically. 


He is now competing to win big events that he was happy just to get invited to last year. 

I highly recommend Geoff’s training for coaches and players.

Chris Schultz
Award Winning
PGA Coach

Darci Olsen
PGA Professional
Tournament Golfer

I have been a PGA Teaching Professional since 1996.

It is a great feeling helping someone do positive things with a golf ball that they have never done before.

But it always felt like a piece of the puzzle was missing.

I wanted more tools to help with inconsistency, pressure, emotions and the frustration they cause.

Understanding and applying Zone training has been a complete game changer.

Now I have all the tools needed to provide help in every area of golf and life outside of golf.


Coach Training Benefits

Understand the Science

Learn the neuroscience, psychology and physiology keys for peak mental performance and how to integrate them seamlessly into your teaching business, using your teaching style.

Master the Process

Learn about the power of progressions and how to achieve optimum balance for applying the core fundamentals for Mental Performance into your current teaching process.

Expand Your Tool Belt

Learn the research proven and athlete tested exercises, drills and athlete challenges that you can use to increase the effectiveness of each lesson that you give.

Give You a Library

You will receive unlimited access to the full GGZAP video training library (over 75 videos).  This library of videos gives you a reference source for increasing your knowledge and understanding.

Give You A Partner

GGZAP will be there to answer your questions, help you overcome any challenges and be your mental performance coaching partner... every step of your mastery journey.

Be on the Cutting Edge

Tools and training for Mental Performance are evolving at a high rate of speed.  GGZAP will make sure to keep you up to date with all the latest and greatest.

Be the Expert

As your Mental Performance coaching skill set grows you will become the "go to" expert in your region and this will give you opportunities to work with a whole new clientele.

Build your Business 

Learn how helping your students practice smarter, improve faster and play better... can help you fill your lesson book.

Coach Training Programs

If you are looking to enhance your current coaching business and want to experience how adding Mental Performance training to your skill set can do that, the Intro Coaching Program is the perfect program for you.


The Intro Program includes:

  • 3 Biz Boosting Modules

  • ZAP intro video lesson series

  • Home/Range/Course/Exercises

  • Tracking Docs

  • Key Improvement Metrics 

If you are looking for award winning help with students who struggle with pressure, focus, emotions, frustration and inconsistency the ZAP Intro is a great place to start.


The ZAP intro will be tuned to your needs and your goals for maximum impact to your business while taking the minimum amount of time from your busy schedule.


Click the button below and book a free strategy call to start the process of adding Zone Training to your resume.

Call for Pricing

If you are looking to help your students reach new performance heights and take your current coaching business to the next level, the Deep Dive Program for Coaches is the optimum choice for achieving your goals.


The Certification Program includes:

  • 6 Biz Boosting Modules

  • Full ZAP video lesson library

  • Home/Range/Course Exercises

  • Tracking Docs

  • Key Improvement Metrics

  • 21 Day ZAP for your students

  • Ongoing consulting for questions you have or challenges your students my be having.

You are already an excellent coach. But, you also know that there are opportunities for you to improve your skills as a coach and become an expert in a growing field and a leader in your region.


Click the button below and book a free strategy call to answer any question you may have or to start your ZAP Certification program.

Call for Pricing

If you are looking to transform your coaching business and become the "go to" Mental training expert in your region then the ZAP Master Certification Program is definitely your launching pad to success.


The Master Certification includes:

  • 12 Biz Transforming Modules

  • Unlimited Access to ZAP videos 

  • All ZAP Tools from the other programs... Plus+

  • Google Docs for presentations and speaking engagements

  • Big picture strategies for getting maximum results from minimum change for you and your students

  • Introduction to the latest mental performance tracking and training technology

  • Help for implementing the latest technology seamlessly into your business

  • Consulting calls with staff and clients if requested

GGZAP is growing and it would be great to have you as part of that team.  The Master Certification program is the first step in that process.


Call for Pricing

Coach Programs Include:

Award Winning Coaching  

1 on 1 interaction with your personal ZAP Coach.  When you have a challenge your coach is there for support, encouragement and honest feedback.

Step by Step Training 

Simple and effective Improvement Progressions fine tuned and refined over 25 years of coaching all levels of athletes in multiple sports.

Unique Tracking Tools

Know exactly where you are in your Improvement Progression. If you can track it, you can train it more effectively. 

Scientifically Proven Methods  

Research driven metrics from Red Bull Sport, DARPA, McKinsey Group, Navy Seals all adapted and presented to match your specific needs and goals.

Athlete Tested Exercises

Athletes of all ages, all abilities and in multiple sports have extensively tested and proven the methods of applying the training to peak performance.

Video Reference Library

GGZAP has an extensive video library covering the entire spectrum of Mental Performance training... that you can access at your convenience.

Unlimited Support

When you need help GGZAP will be there.  When you have questions or challenges it is important to know you can get answers nd insights to keep you moving forward.

Guaranteed Results  

100% "Get Better" Guarantee. You will be completely satisfied with the process and the progress... or you get your money back.

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You Receive with the Program

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