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GGZAP Transformation Program Testimonial

One of the best parts of my pursuit to help golfers play better... is when they reach out to share that the experience has been a very positive one.

I just received this review on google from one of my adult clients who plays amateur tournament golf:

"My experience with Geoff is that he takes his client relationships and his client's success very seriously.

As we have progressed through the ZAP Transformation program it has become clear to me that he is not satisfied unless he has meaningfully helped and improved his clients.

His commitment to my personal improvement made it very easy for me to trust him as a teacher and as a person. Because of that trust, the changes I observed throughout the transformation program were accelerated and it generated compounding positive effects on and (especially) off the course.

His availability for texts, calls, and emails to answer questions I had were beyond what I expected. He's a great person to learn from, and a great person to work with.

I am also appreciative of the resources he made available, and of course his own time, throughout the transformation program.

To sum it up, Geoff is someone I've learned a lot from about golf, competing, and overall mindset."

Rob Truesdell  4 Handicap

VP Pangea

GGZAP Transformation Testimonial
Rob Truesdell


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