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"Over the Top" Negative Emotions

Do you struggle with letting go of negative emotions triggered by bad shots?




They are just three of the emotions explosions that can cost a lot of shots.

It is natural to have a reaction to poor shots.

Emotions happen quickly and they carry a lot of energy.

Which means it's challenging to separate from them or quiet them down.

But when the emotion/reaction carries on for too long after a shot... it can become a repeating cycle that ruins a round.

I have seen this with golfers of all ages and all abilities over the years.

Building and strengthening a "Post-Shot Routine" is a great way to begin to overcome this challenge.

You may already have... or at least have heard of a Pre-Shot Routine.

A Pre-Shot Routine is designed to help you mentally and physically fully prepare for each upcoming shot.

The goal is to make sure you have committed to a specific shot and your focus is fully Present in the moment... Not wandering to the result of that shot or the score that you want for that hole.

The "Post-Shot Routine" is about "Letting Go" of the shot you just hit.

This allows you to "turn down the volume dial" of the emotions attached to the shot you just hit.

This will help you enjoy the time in between shots and begin preparing for the next shot... Even when you're not playing your best.

For some golfers, the post shot routine can be even more important than the Pre-Shot Routine.

The bottom line is both routines are an important part of the mental game for successful Zone golfers.

Give me a shout if you want to find out more about building pre shot and post shot routines that help you access the Zone, hit better shots and let go of the shots that you didn't hit so well.

Routines can also help you "Get In The Zone" and deal with day-to-day challenges in life.


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