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Self Belief

• Strong SELF BELIEF can launch you towards your goals.

• Weak self belief can block you from ever achieving them.

Think of Self Belief as your response to challenges.

There are three immediate unfiltered responses to challenge:

•I've got this

•I'm not sure

•I haven't got this

+ When your Self Belief is Strong... you are able to overcome bigger and bigger challenges.

You also look forward to new challenges and love testing yourself.

× When your self belief is not as strong... you tend to struggle with overcoming new challenges the first time you face them.

You also tend to avoid challenges whenever possible.

As you can imagine... Strengthening your Self Belief does not happen overnight.

There are a lot of methods for strengthening self belief.

Over the years I have found two of the most effective are:

✓Positive Self Talk

✓Mini Challenges

• Self Talk - The voice inside your head is a constant source of feedback throughout every day.

Monitor that feedback and make sure it is tipping the scales towards stronger Self Belief and not in the opposite direction.

• Mini Challenges - Increasing your Self Belief requires that you overcome more challenges than you fail at.

Consciously setting up small mini challenges on a daily basis and succeeding at those challenges gives you an action based method for increasing your Self Belief.

✓ The Bottom Line... Strengthening Self Selief is one of the psychological foundations for achieving your goals.

Give me a shout if you have any questions about how to improve your strength of Self Belief.


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