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The Sweet Spot

**The Sweet Spot**

The place on the club face that makes you smile every time you hit it... Even if the ball doesn't end up exactly where you want it.

**When the ball strikes the sweet spot... it doesn't even feel like it touched the club face and it seems to stay in the air forever.**

Did you know that missing the sweet spot by as little as half an inch on your driver can cost you up to 15% distance loss... Not to mention lack of directional control?

*It would seem that practicing specifically for sweet spot contact might be a good thing.*


All of your swing training is designed to get this to happen more often.

Swing path, face angle, angle of attack, speed timing rhythm... Are all pieces of the swing puzzle you tune so you can hit more shots on the sweet spot.


Have you ever set aside specific practice sessions just dedicated to hitting the sweet spot with no thought for where the ball is going.

**Using awareness training is a terrific tool to find the sweet spot more often. **

What does awareness training for hitting the sweet spot mean?

It means spending time purposely trying to hit the ball off the toe, off the heel, too low on the face and too high on the face.

Getting some face marking tape from your local golf store is a big help in getting accurate feedback.

You can use any club for this awareness exercise.

**The goal is for you to be able to recognize what is happening in your swing when you do hit it off the toe or the heel or too low or too high.**

As you do this exercise more often you will then be able to recognize what it is that allows you to hit it in the middle of the face.

When you can accurately recognize the difference in your swing between sweet spot contact and suboptimal contact you will be able to build a pre-shot routine that allows you to find the sweet spot more often.

It will also allow you to recognize when you're slipping away from sweet spot shots how to get back there faster.


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