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Self Talk Scorecard

For all athletes but especially golfers... Self Talk is one of the biggest influences on self belief, trust and confidence.

It does not matter how highly skilled you are and how well trained you are.

If the balance of your self talk is negative... you will struggle to overcome new challenges and you will struggle to perform well when it matters the most.


Volume of repetitions.

Day in, day out... the voice in your head is always there talking to you.

Your volume of swing repetitions can never match the volume of Self Talk your mind creates.

Most golfers pay really close attention to swing training, golf fitness, diet and sleep... but few pay close attention to the quality of their Self Talk.

What is a easy to use and effective method for starting to Assess your Self Talk?

A Self Talk Scorecard.

Start with one hole.

Rate the quality of your Self Talk IN BETWEEN EVERY SHOT for the entire hole.

To keep it simple I suggest you use the plus+/minus- rating scale.

If your Self Talk was positive for one shot give yourself a plus+. If your Self Talk was negative give yourself a minus-.

As you get more comfortable with the process and more self aware keep score for longer periods (it can be tough to remind yourself to pay attention!) .

The key is to start to become AWARE of whether your Self Talk on the course is helping you or hurting you.

Once you become more AWARE of what you are saying to yourself... then you can start to make a plan for how to adapt it so you can begin to increase your self belief instead of eroding it.

Awareness First.

Assessment Second.

Make an Improvement Plan Third.

Then ACT on it!

Give me a shout if you would like some help.

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