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Want a simple method to consistently lower your scores?

Stop thinking about them!

Especially when you're playing.

Focusing on the score:

1. Puts added pressure on each shot.

2. Puts your focus in the future not on the present.

3. Puts your focus on the result not the process.

Golf is a game of shots.

The more good shots you hit... the better you score.

Put maximum focus on executing each individual shot successfully.

The score / result will take care of itself.

Score for a hole.

Score for 9 holes.

Score for 18 holes.

If you allow your focus to drift to any of these... You're making it harder to hit the good shots you need to achieve those scores.

It's challenging to have strong, clear, positive focus for every shot.

When you allow your focus to wander to the score you want to shoot... You're making it even harder.

One of the oldest clichés in golf is:

One shot at a time.

It is also one of the most powerful performance enhancers.


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