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You can shoot lower scores WITHOUT:

✓Changing your swing

✓Improving your short game.

✓Improving your putting.


By learning how to access the highest level of golf skills that you already have.

Your best full swings, your best short game shots and your best putts... are ALL stored in your brain.

If you learn how to access the part of your brain where your best swings/shots are stored... Your scores will drop.


How can you get access?

By learning what mindset gives you access and building that mindset into your pre-shot routine.

The mindset you need to understand, recognize and train... is presence.

Presence is the gateway to the zone/flow state.

It is also the access to your best shots and lower scores.

There's nothing wrong with training your swing and training your short game and training your putting.

It all helps.

But if you don't have access to your best... All that training is frustrating at best and useless at the worst.

Have you experienced the frustration of knowing that you can do better and not knowing why you are not?



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