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It Is NOT Your Swing

🏌️‍♂️Ever wonder why? One shot... One of your best. The next shot... One of your worst.😠 At the range... Really good shots. On the course... Not so much.😠 The cause of these frustrating differences is not your swing. If you have the capability to hit one good shot you have the capability to hit a whole bunch more. 🙂 The difference is your Focus State. 👀 Your mind is in a different place when you are under pressure than when you are not under pressure. #pressure vs #GetInTheZone If you don't train your mind to understand how to manage pressure and get in the right Focus State... You are leaving a lot of your best shots in the bag. 😡 If your best shots are good enough then by all means go to the range and work on your swing. But if you are happy with your best shots and you just want to get rid of your bad shots you need to spend some time training your brain... so you can get in the right Focus State more often. I can help. It is what I do. #flowstate #flowcodegolf I have helped thousands of golfers of all levels (and athletes in lots of other sports as well... not to mention people just looking to improve the quality of their life). Give me a shout in the comments below or with a DM. 👇👍


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