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Zone Trigger # 1


You want to perform better.

You have heard that training your brain is what gives you access to the highest level of your physical skills.

The question is… how do you train your brain?

Meditation is excellent. Mindfulness exercises work very well too. So do breathing exercises.

I have discussed each of these in videos and articles here in the blog.

Feel free to scroll back through and check them out.

Today I would like to share another powerful tool for improving your performance by improving your brain.

The tool is ZONE TRIGGERS.

More specifically RECOGNITION of the TRIGGERS for getting in the ZONE.

When you are performing at your absolute peak… you are in the ZONE.

The Zone is a specific Focus state in your brain that triggers optimum neurochemistry in your brain and physiology in your body.

The ZONE is also an amazing feeling.

In the past most ZONE experiences were accidents or results of unrepeatable circumstance.

Now… research science has determined there are specific TRIGGERS (the number varies depending on the situation and the sport) that can help propel you into the ZONE.

This means you can tune your training and performance to RECOGNIZE these TRIGGERS when they occur and REINFORCE them so you can access the TRIGGERS more often.

Even if you are not fully accessing the ZONE… RECOGNIZING the TRIGGERS on a daily basis can help you get closer to the ZONE.

In my experience as an athlete and working with thousands of athletes, this leads to HUGE performance benefits for athletes of all abilities… not just elite athletes.

Over the next few weeks, I am going to share these TRIGGERS with you so that you can start training your brain to RECOGNIZE and REINFORCE these powerful performance enhancers.


INTENSELY FOCUSED on what you are doing.

TOTALLY ENGAGED in the moment.

PPF. Present. Positive. Focused.

Is ALL of you FOCUSED on what you are doing?

NOT worried about the result of your performance. NOT hanging on to your results in the past. NOT thinking of somewhere else. NOT thinking of something else. NOT worried about someone else.

If you are distracted you are not IMMERSED.

There are internal distractions. Thoughts. Emotions.

There are external distractions. Sights. Sounds.

They are all distractions and they all keep you from being FULLY IMMERSED in the PROCESS.

Learning to RECOGNIZE when you are FULLY FOCUSED in the PROCESS/IMMERSED versus when you are distracted... is the first step for you starting to perform to your potential.

Be especially mindful of when your Focus wanders to Results.

Results Focus is a performance killer.

It is one of the biggest sources of unnecessary PRESSURE you can put on yourself.

There is NO PRESSURE in the moment… only awareness and action.

Young kids are a great example of FULL IMMERSION.

They are in a perpetual state of completely engaged in the process.

Results? What Results?

Kids only learn about results from watching us.

They just want to have fun doing what they are doing.

Powerful teachers are the younglings!

Next ZONE TRIGGER… Challenge to Skill Ratio.


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