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Why Mental Performance Training?

How will improving your Mental Performance help you?

Interested golfers and potential clients are always curious as to what EXACTLY would improving their Mental Performance do for them?

The simple answer is… it will help you make your worst shots closer to your best shots AND give you more access to your best shots.

Your best shots are a combination of: • The level of Swing Quality you have trained • Your Focus Quality immediately before and during the shot

Training your swing gives you the POTENTIAL to hit higher quality shots.

But it does not guarantee you unlimited access to those high quality shots.

• If your Focus before the shot is poor… • If you are distracted by Emotions before the shot…

You can still hit POOR shots even if you have a great quality swing.

Look at the Tour Pros.

They still hit some really bad shots… even though they have great swings.

Your worst shots are most often a result of poor Focus or poor Management of Emotions NOT because you lost your swing… all of a sudden… out of the blue.

Swings do not disappear instantly from one swing to the next.

Once patterns are imprinted they are permanent.

What you lost/What disappeared suddenly… was the ability to ACCESS YOUR BEST swing pattern because your Mental Training did not match the quality of your Swing Training.

I am not saying we all don’t make plain old bad swings sometimes.

We definitely do. I know I sure do.

But in my experience working with all levels of golfers… the highest percentage of poor swings is caused by weak and Wandering Focus and poor Management of Emotions.

Strengthening your Mental Game is the fastest and most efficient way to start getting rid of your worst shots.

It is also a great way to get “on command” access to more of your best shots.

The process is not complicated.

1. Learn to tune your Focus on positive, sensory pre swing cues that you Trust. 2. Learn to turn down the “dial” of Emotional Distractions during your pre shot routine. 3. Start to minimize your worst shots and maximize your best.

Give me a shout to find out how! I am always happy to chat about the Mental Game and help golfers play well and have more fun!


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