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Which Brain?

You don't tee off with your putter.

You don't hit bunker shots with your driver.

You certainly could.

They are just not efficient tools for the task.

The same is true for your brain.

Over the last 30 years of teaching golfers... I am always amazed at how many try to use their "thinking brain" to swing the club.

Here is a simple goal for improving your mental game for golf:

Use your "thinking brain" for picking the shot you are going to hit... and don't let the "emotional brain" distract you from picking the optimum shot.

Your "thinking brain is designed for reason, logic and analysis.

Use your "body brain" for hitting the shot... and don't let your "thinking brain" or your "emotional brain" distract you from being present in your senses and your body.

Your "body brain" is where your best movement patterns are stored and triggered.

When using your "body brain" your movements will be fluid, effortless, automatic and completely without thought.

Using the right tool for the right job will trigger huge positive changes in your game.


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