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What is your Sensory Goal?

What should you Focus on during your golf shots to access more of your best shots... consistently?

Your optimum Sensory Goal.

Here are the key elements of a Sensory Goal for your Focus.

We know from Neuroscience research that the closer your brain is to the Zone brainwave frequency the better chance you have of accessing the best swing patterns in your brain.

Optimum Focus triggers optimum shots.

We also know from research that two of the most powerful Triggers for getting your brain in the Zone or close to it are:

1. Sensory - Turn On. Be fully present in your senses... which means turning off your thoughts and emotions.

2. One Clear Goal - Tune In. Have one clear goal for the shot... which means turning off multiple swing cues.

Having a Sensory Goal helps you combine these two powerful Zone triggers to hit better shots.

I have created a driving range exercise to help golfers quickly and easily find out the Sensory Goal the works best for them.

The key is Trust.

The optimum Sensory Goal triggers maximum Trust.

The higher your level of Trust... the better chance you have of accessing your best shots when it matters the most.

This video explains exactly how you can find your Sensory Goal.

If you find your self using a library full of different swing thoughts and wonder why you hit inconsistent shots under pressure... this exercise is a Game Changer.

Give me a shout if you have questions!


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