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Everybody loves successful transformation stories.

I used to do this and now I am totally different.

I used to dream of doing this and now I'm doing even better

than I ever dreamed of.

My students have lots of wonderful transformation stories.

One of the best parts of helping golfers improve is hearing their transformation stories and seeing the look in their eyes as they describe it.

But the bottom line in golf is... you will never experience a transformation story until you learn how to transform your next shot.

One shot at a time is one of the oldest cliches in golf.

You hear it from tour players in interviews over and over and over again.

"I'm just going to play one shot at a time and see what happens".

But... your next shot is truly the start of your transformation story.

  • Can you commit to a very specific shot that matches the situation perfectly?

  • Can you picture and feel exactly what you have to do to execute that shot?

  • Can you let go of control and allow the shot to happen?

When you know the process that leads to your best shots.

When you've trained yourself how to repeat that process.

When you trust yourself enough to let your training and preparation take over the shop for you.

Then you're ready to transform the quality of your next shot.

Which means you're ready to start your personal transformation process for your golf game.

When you're ready to learn how to transform your next shot give me a call. :-)



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