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Smash Factor and Brain Waves

Smash Factor

Measures the efficiency of your club striking the ball. The higher the number the more efficient your club to ball contact.

Brain Wave Frequency

Measures the efficiency of your Focus. The lower the frequency the better your Focus quality is for accessing your best shots.

A launch monitor measures Smash Factor.

An EEG monitor measures Brain Waves.

As with all technology the prices of both are gradually getting lower and more affordable.

But, if you don't have access to the technology what do you do?

With Smash Factor you learn how to recognize the feel of the strike on the club face and the look of an efficient flight versus a poor flight.

With Brain Waves you learn to recognize the amount of "noise" in your mind. The more thoughts and emotions in your mind (noise)... the higher your brain wave frequency is and the poor your Focus is.

Helping golfers learn how to quiet the "noise" in their mind is one of the most powerful things I can help them do.

Breathing exercises, meditation and mindfulness training are all great tools for learning how to quiet the "noise" in your mind.

Learning to quiet the mind is not a complex task... but it takes time and it takes consistent training so I always recommend finding a training you enjoy doing so you can maintain consistency.

The benefits to your golf game are well worth it.


Because optimum Brain Wave Frequency allows you to access the best Smash Factor you have trained.


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