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Recognize the Waves

Brain Waves

You may or may not understand all the science.

But... as a golfer it's very important that you understand and recognize each brain wave frequency you experience during play.

If you don't... you won't be able to train and control the quality of your performance.

High Beta... Emotions Mid Beta... Thoughts Alpha... Presence Alpha/Theta... The Zone

Do your brain waves control you... or do you control them?

Inability to control your brain waves and use the correct frequency at the correct time is the biggest cause of inconsistency for golfers.

Your brain triggers the movement patterns in your body.

Muscle memory does not control your swing... your dominant brain wave frequency and the signals your brain sends to your muscles is what controls your swing.

Train your brain. Elevate your game.

There is a reason a very high percentage of professional athletes are doing meditation, breathing exercises, mindfulness and/or presence training.

The reason is that recognition is the first step to mental game mastery and peak performance.

You have to be able to recognize the different brain wave frequencies before you can begin to strengthen your access to them during performance.

Monk, yogi's and martial artists have been doing presence training to access Alpha brain waves for thousands of years.

Maybe it is time for you to join them?


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