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Zone Target Your Pre Shot Routine

You WANT lower scores.⛳

Improving your best shots is an option... but it takes a LOT of time.⌛

Improving your worst shots takes a LOT less time.

And it has a Bigger Positive Effect on your score.👍

A Zone Targeted Routine gives you a research proven, golfer tested process for improving the quality of your worst shots... FAST.

Your worst shots are caused by excessive "Noise" in your mind while you are hitting the shot.

Swing thoughts, negative emotions and the pressure of results are the most common examples of "Noise" that causes you to hit shots well below your potential.

Learning how to quiet the "Noise" is the key to improving your bad shots as quickly as possible.

The opposite of the "Noise" that causes you to hit bad shots is... the Zone.

When you learn your personal triggers for getting in the Zone or close to the Zone... you get control of the "volume dials" that cause the "Noise" in your mind.

The Zone Targeted Routine gives you all the tools and training you need to:

✓ Quiet the "Noise"

✓ Improve Bad Shots

✓ Manage Emotions

✓ Minimize Pressure

It will also help you Access the Zone more often and start playing better golf... in 3 hours.

Included in the Zone Targeted Routine Process:

+ 3 Hr Long Sections

+ 7 Video Lessons

+ Concept Diagrams

+ Range Challenge

+ On Course Tracking

+ Junior Golfer Tips

Give me shout if you have any questions!

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Excellent process to install a pre-shot routine that will work for you.

As a life long teaching Professional, I see countless golfers who can hit it like a single digit on the range but can't get out of their own way to consistently execute on the golf course under "perceived pressure". Overthinking, bad self talk, or second guessing yourself on every shot is the

fastest way to "blow-up" holes and shooting big numbers. (IMO)

I've been working on the 3 hour ZAP for my own game and the progress is much faster than I imagined. Quieting your thoughts before puling the trigger is paramount to playing your best and Geoffs process to get you there is intuitive, fun, and I…

Geoff Greig
Geoff Greig
26 Tem 2023
Şu kişiye cevap veriliyor:

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts Rob! I'm really glad you enjoyed the program. 👍

Feel free to give me a shout anytime if I can be of help to you or your students in getting the most out of the program. 😊

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