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Pre Shot Focus and Trust

Have you ever stood over a golf shot and KNOWN you were going to hit a good shot?


Have you ever stood over a golf shot and KNOWN you were going to hit a bad shot?

What is the Difference?

MORE IMPORTANTLY… how can you access more of the positive certainty before your shots???

There are a lot of external factors that you cannot control.

The target, the weather, the lie… your playing partners 😉

There are two internal keys you can control.

They are what you train… if you want to end your pre shot routine in a state of positive certainty.

Focus and Emotions.

When you have a feeling of certainty that you are going to hit a good shot… it is because you are in the optimum Focus State for performance.

We know from research and testing with EEG monitors that the optimum Focus State occurs when your dominant brain waves are in a specific frequency range.

You have probably heard that Focus State called the Zone or the flow State.

We also know that learning to manage your pre swing emotions is a key component of being able to access that Focus State.

The emotion you are striving to maximize before you swing is Trust.

The big question is… how can you train your Focus and learn to Manage Your Emotions?

The easy answer is… let me help you. 😊

Having played two sports professionally, coached multiple sports, taught Tai Chi, extensively studied the neuroscience of performance and helped thousand of athletes of all levels to improve their mental game… I have the knowledge and experience to help you improve faster and deal with a lot less frustration during the process.

However… if you are a DIY athlete there are effective things you can do on your own that can help you have more fun doing what you love.

#1 Practice daily mindfulness exercises to learn to access Presence.

Learning to access Presence… is the first step to accessing optimum Focus during your pre shot routine more often.

Alpha Breathing, Box Breathing and Mindful Movement exercises all work great for helping you learn to access Presence on command (google them to find out more… or better yet call me!)

#2 Once you have strengthened your ability to access Presence… add the Cloud Thought Exercise to your daily Presence training to help you learn how to Separate from thoughts on command (you can google it… or call me!)

Learning to separate from thoughts is the first step before you can learn to separate from negative emotions.

When it comes to performance thoughts and emotions have the same negative affect… emotions are just more powerful because of the extra energy they trigger.

You should start with learning to separate from/manage thoughts because it is easier and then move on to emotions.

Separating from negative Emotions is what allows you to access Trust on command.

Two Keys:

· Learn to Access Optimum Focus

· Learn to Manage Your Emotions

Two Tools:

· Daily Presence Training

· Daily Separation/Emotion Management Training

One Helpful Hint:

Call Me if you have any questions or would like personalized help!

One Fun Suggestion:

Try my 7 Day Mental Game Challenge for Golfers! It is ALL about what you have just read… and it is FREE!

Give me a shout with any questions! DM or Call.


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