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Mind/Body/Emotions "The Team"

The Bottom Line.

The Mind, the Body and the Emotions need to be acting from the same script.

  • You want to improve and you want to take less time doing it.

  • You want to be more consistent and you want to do it on a consistent basis.

  • You want to perform at a higher level... especially when it matters most.

We all do.

We all may have different reasons for doing what we love.

We all may have different skill levels doing what we love.

We all may have very different goals relative to doing what we love.

But the common ground is that it's human nature to want to get better and feel like we're moving towards our goals... as opposed to away from them.

It takes a "team" effort to do that.

The team is your Mind, your Body and your Emotions.

Your Mind is the Director.

It has the vision for how the "play" is supposed to look and feel.

Your Body Is the Actor.

It performs what your Mind directs it to do.

Your Emotions are the Audience.

They can cheer you on and give you energy or they can throw rotten tomatoes at you at any time.

My specialty as a coach is helping athletes and especially golfers... get the "team" all on the same page.

Do you ever feel like your team is a "dysfunctional family" sometimes?

Like your Mind can't let go of the last "play" it directed that didn't turn out very well... or can't stop thinking about the next "play" it wants to direct that's going to be great!

Like your Body is tired of getting the same old pep talk from the Mind and it just doesn't want to listen anymore.

Like the Audience is totally out of control and goes from being raving fans to being your worst critic in an instant?

There is simple and effective "family counseling" that can help.

When I'm working with golfers the amount of time that we spend tuning each of the three areas varies dramatically from golfer to golfer.

It is important to adjust the information and the training to you... so the improvement process is always "tuned in" to your needs and your goals.

You may have noticed I share a lot of information and training centered around the mind and the mental side of improvement.

There's a simple reason for this:

It's the Director.

It runs the show.

If it's doing its job properly... the Body and the Emotions are going to follow its direction.

But even with golfers who come to me strictly for mental game help... we almost always do some swing work as well.

The team is after all... a team.

You can't just work on one member of the team and ignore everybody else.

I also work with a lot of golfers with whom we spend almost all our time on the swing and I just "sneak" in a little bit of training for the Director.

Mental game training is still perceived as a little bit "out there" for some people.

Getting the right balance for you is the key.

A big part of what I do with everyone... is just to help you understand how the three members of the team connect with each other and how you can help them connect more consistently.

Once you understand how the team members connect with each other... then the process shifts to personalized training methods that allow you to access those unified "team performances" more often.

Those unified "team performances" are some of the most memorable and powerful moments you can experience as a golfer.

Those are usually the experiences we spend a lot of time reminiscing about with our fellow competitors and with family and friends.

In many cases they are also the prime motivator for why we put so much time and energy into our practice and play.

In all sports, but especially in golf... it's very easy to get lost in the details of how to improve your play.

If you made it all the way to here in this post... I am hoping that some of what I have said resonates with you.

If it does... just make sure to keep the bottom line in mind when it may feel like you're getting lost in the details.

Get the Mind, the Body and the Emotions acting from the same script and you'll have a lot more fun doing what you love.


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