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Change Your Brain... Change Your Game

During my 25+ year PGA Teaching career I have taught over 20,000 lessons.

Yep… that is a LOT of golf swings that needed a LOT of tuning.

It is amazing how much you learn about the swing and about people from seeing that many swings and working with that many people.

I feel very grateful to have been able to help people improve their game and have more fun playing golf all these years.

BUT... 14 years ago, a giant light bulb turned on over my head.

I realized I could help people MORE by helping them tune their mental game.

It happened totally by accident.

I had a new student who was dealing with a huge swing challenge. He had been to a number of teachers and gotten lots of advice from his friends.

He was really frustrated and ready to quit the game.

I am pretty sure we have all felt like that at some point.

Sadly… it looked like it swinging the club was more work than fun.

So… I asked him what he was thinking during the swing?

He confessed that he usually had a minimum of 13 swing thoughts per swing. 😉

I helped him use a principle from my Tai Chi training so he could quiet his mind while swinging.

Once he learned to quiet his mind… his body started swinging the club a LOT better.

Not perfect… but enough better so he started enjoying the feel of the swing and actually smiling after the swing.

That is when the light bulb turned on.

All movements begin in the mind.

Fix the mind… and the movements will follow.

After doing some research I also found out that “Muscle Memory” is a myth.

Muscle movement patterns can change instantly.

The memory for movements is in the electricity that runs from your brain to your muscles.

Every learned movement you make is triggered in your brain.

Change the electricity… change the movement.

Change Your Brain… Change Your Game.

Since the light bulb turned on, I have dedicated myself to learning how I can help people master their mental game in all sports and for athletes of all abilities.

I still teach golf. It is really fun to help people understand and tune their swings and their games.

But if you truly want to play your best and have more fun playing… Mastering Your Mental Game needs to be part of your improvement process.

Hopefully, I can help you begin to tune your brain so you can have more fun playing the sport you love.


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