The Zone

Have you ever experienced the "Zone"?

Would you like to "dive in" more often?

The universal answer is an emphatic... YES!

It is an amazing feeling that most athletes can describe in detail, no matter how long ago the experience happened.

The Zone is also the Peak of Mental Fitness and the big picture goal for all Geoff's Mental Fitness programs.

Geoff has created a variety of easy to execute, highly effective Online Courses that will give you the tools and the training you need to help you improve your Mental Fitness and access Zone performance more often.  

Research scientists have been studying the neurobiology, psychology and physiology of the "Zone" or the "Flow State" since the 1970's. 

But in the last decade better tracking tools have brought Zone focus studies to a whole new level. 


Brain wave studies (EEG)

Brain mapping studies (fMRI)

Psychological risk/reward, fear/focus and triggers/goals studies

Neurochemical Dopamine, Norepinephrine, Endorphin and Anandamide studies

Physiological spatial awareness, tension, muscular efficiency and cardio efficiency studies

Zone focus training is following right behind. 

Geoff's courses provide you with a simple yet powerful "step by step" training map designed to help you apply the data and the research quickly and effectively to match your needs.


The map includes "easy to execute" focus training and sport application exercises from:


Sports Psychology

Multi Sport Performance Experience

Meditation/Mindfulness Techniques

The goal is to help you get maximum Mental Fitness improvements while minimum changes to your current training programs.

"I am a professional musician and on the faculty of CU Boulder.  I have been teaching at the University level for 30 years snd I have spent a lot of time studying methods of teaching effectively.


I have been taking golf lessons with Geoff for three years and I find him a masterful teacher.

Geoff's knowledge and application of "focus" training has also been a complete revelation for me.  He has shown me how to translate my ability to quiet thoughts and get in the "Zone" while playing oboe with the symphony... into a new found sense of trust and confidence in my golf swing and golf game.  It turns out music can be quite helpful with golf!

I strongly recommend Geoff to golfers of any ability or athletes in any sport. He is articulate, clear and always positive. In these past three years my scores have dropped considerably and my enjoyment of the game has grown enormously."

Peter Cooper

Principle Oboist

Colorado Symphony

Have you ever wondered why your performance under pressure is different from your performance in training? 


Did you ever wonder why your performance level is sometimes wildly inconsistent from one competition to the next? 


Geoff's coaching and courses can give you real data/feedback why and simple tools to help you make powerful, positive changes... quickly.


Geoff's goal is to simplify all the detailed research into understandable core concepts that apply to you and provide you with proven training progressions and achievable focus cues... to help you understand HOW to experience the Zone more often. 

The reality of athletics is that no one can be in the Zone all the time. 


But, becoming aware of the feel of different focus frequencies and tuning your focus to achieve "Mental Fitness"... is guaranteed to help you become a better athlete.


Whether you are a golfer, skier, soccer player, tennis player, runner or someone who just wants more enjoyment from any activity that requires heightened focus... there IS a map to help you achieve that enjoyment and maximum efficiency in the application of your skills.


Geoff's experience as a former professional athlete in two sports, a passionate participant in multiple sports,  a performance coach in multiple sports and a teacher of the art of Tai Chi has given him a unique perspective into the essentials of performance in the zone. 


And more importantly... insight into clearly communicating your personal Zone map to you.


If you would like to add more Zone to your game... call Geoff at 970-948-3216.