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Junior Golf
Junior Golf

For scholastic athletes Mental Performance training helpful on and off the course.

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Improve mindset for golf and life.

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College golf
College golf

For scholastic athletes Mental Performance training helps on and off the course.

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Junior Golf
Junior Golf

For scholastic athletes Mental Performance training helpful on and off the course.

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Programs for Teams

Engagement.  Performance.  Productivity.

Mental Performance Training for Teams

Did you know training for Zone access is a Multi Billion dollar industry?

Navy Seals, Professional Sports Teams, Formula 1 Teams, Fortune 500 Companies and Silicon Valley Companies are just a few of the organizations, companies and groups spending billions of dollars to increase access to the Zone.


230%-500% faster skill acquisition

50% reduction in skill mastery time

400%-600% increases in productivity

80% reduction in task completion time

Studies have also shown the Zone dramatically increases:






These are just a few of the reasons why accessing the Zone has become an industry in itself.

Would you like to inspire the members of your team, organization, company or school to access the productivity, passion and performance of the Zone?

GGZAP has multiple programs specifically designed to help teams, groups and organizations increase engagement, performance, productivity and Zone access.

What Teams Say About GGZAP

What Teams Are Saying About GGZAP

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Megan Huntsman
Program Director
Utah Golf Foundation

We are so grateful Geoff brought his ZAP presentation to the Utah Golf Foundation’s Veterans on Course event.


Veterans on Course is a golf program for military personnel of active or veteran status. Many Veterans on Course participants struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and are enrolled in substance abuse programs; they are always looking for positive, effective tools to help them improve their life quality.


Geoff’s training session on focus fitness to help improve presence and athletic skill performance was exactly what the Veterans On Course participants needed and they thoroughly enjoyed it!


Using his simple training techniques will allow them to improve their golf skills as well as establish serenity and happiness in their daily lives.

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A aaron-goodman_edited.jpg

Aaron Goodman
Tournament Director
Utah PGA

Geoff 's “Master the Mental Game” program truly resonated with our of golf professionals.

Geoff gave them clear ideas on all the options available for helping their students train their Mental Games quickly and effectively.

More importantly, he shared actionable suggestions on how to use a variety of proven practice and playing strategies to help golfers of all levels understand and learn to access... the optimum mental state for golf.

They also really enjoyed when Geoff did a demonstration of one of the new high tech tracking and training tools for accessing peak Mental Performance.

It was fascinating being able to monitor brain waves real time with a small headband and see how brain wave frequency related to different tasks!

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A Josie Brownell_edited.jpg

Josie Brownell
Alpine Team Manager
SVSEF Academy

Geoff gave a fantastic and very enlightening presentation to our Sun Valley Ski Academy staff!


He immediately captivated our attention by relating the essential keys of Mental Performance training to alpine skiing.  He then helped us understand the big picture of performance before walking us through the process of improving the mindset of our athletes and our coaches. 

The methods Geoff explored with us helped every coach to reflect on their coaching style, how they deliver feedback and how to support athletes and enable them to “get in the zone” more easily and frequently.


It was a very valuable session for our staff members and the program.


We are really looking forward to working with Geoff again soon!

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Find Your Smile Source

GGZAP Programs for Teams

If you want to introduce your team, group or organization to the power and productivity of Zone driven training, an Intro session is a great way to get started


Intro Sessions are typically 90 minutes to 3 hours in length depending on what best matches your situation.  The sessions can be done live or remotely via video conference.


The content and style of the Intro presentation will be adapted to your team and your goals for the team.


Click the button below to speak with Geoff and map out an Intro Session for your team.

If your team is having a specific challenge or not progressing quickly enough toward an established goal, a Deep Dive Session is the perfect option for you.


Deep Dive Sessions are typically 3 hours to 6 hours long and can also be broken down into smaller segments all targeting the same topic. The sessions can be done live or remotely via video conference.


The Deep Dive Sessions include presentation, Q&A and a follow up success map with action items.


Click the button below to speak with Geoff and book a challenge specific Deep Dive Session for your team.

If you are committed to taking your team to the next level of performance, then having a dedicated performance consultant is definitely your best option.


The consulting can be set up for a  specific period of time or for a specific number of sessions.  Whichever structure works best for you and your team.  Scholastic teams often do season long programs.

The Consulting Programs can be done live, remote or any combination of both.

Click the button below to chat with Geoff and discuss what consulting structure and content will work best.

Organizations GGZAP Has Consulted

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Whether you are looking for:

  • An introductory presentation about the powerful possibilities of "Zone" performance.

  • A deep dive masterclass with presentation, Q&A, and actionable strategies tailored for your team.

  • Ongoing Zone Performance consulting that matches your teams goals and needs.

Geoff will take your team on an eye opening journey to new concepts, cutting edge science and entertaining anecdotes that will totally transform their performance environment and their performance.  


Contact Geoff

for more information

on Team presentations.

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