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Science of the Zone

Research, Tools and Training

"Zone Brain Waves and Systems" 

The Zone (also called the Flow State) has been heavily researched since the 1970's.

It is universally recognized neurologically, physiologically and psychologically as THE Peak Performance state for sports and THE Peak Experience state for life.

The Key to applying the science of the Zone is understanding "Brain Waves" and "Brain Systems".


1. The Zone can only be accessed when your dominant brain wave frequency is in a very specific frequency range (Zone). This range is 7.8 to 8hz and the border between your conscious mind and subconscious mind.

2. The Zone can only be accessed when the cognitive "system" (located in your Pre Frontal Cortex) shuts down. This dramatic shutting down of your cognitive functions is called hypofrontality. 

Applying this knowledge to life and sport is best accomplished by following a Three Step Process:


Step One: 

Learn to experientially "Recognize" the different brain wave frequencies and brain systems.

Step Two: 

Learn to "Apply" the correct waves and systems to their optimum activities.

Step Three: 

Progressively "Master" the new Zone access in more challenging situations. 

This process has proven highly effective for improving quality of life and quality of play for multiple sports.

GGZAP uses this process to transform Zone Science research tested principles into simple and highly effective training progressions that are guaranteed to help you improve faster, play better and have more fun in the process.

Research Sources

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Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
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The science of the Zone is very important for clarification and validation.

It gives your verifiable markers to help you set your goals and assess your progress along the way.

However, research proven science is useless to you if you can not personally recognize the "look and feel" of the Zone triggers and signs.

Accurately understanding the "experience" and training for it is what launches you towards your goals.


Zone Core Concepts

Zone: Peak Mental State

Sport... for performance

Work... for productivity

Life... for passion

Zone: Peak Performance State

Neurobiology... Mental Focus

Physiology... Physical Efficiency

Psychology... Manage Emotions

Zone: Systematic Training

Research proven concepts

Athlete tested processes

Simple. Achievable. Progressions.

The GGZAP Mission

Help you access the Zone

to learn faster, play better

and enjoy the process.

Zone Performance Pyramid

Zone Brain Wave Science

Brain Wave Charts

brainwaves description
Zone Brainwave Chart

Brain Systems

Zone Brain Systems

Zone Emotions Science

Zone Focus Pyramids

Zone Performance Pyramids Diagram
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