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Performance Science

Research Tested. Process Driven. Athlete Proven.

The Science Behind GGZAP 

Zone Athletic Performance is based on the neuroscience of peak performance.

Specifically... two universally recognized neuroscience principles:

1.  ALL sports movement skills are stored and triggered in your brain.

Muscle memory is a myth.  If you want to improve faster, you need to change the patterns in your brain.

2.  ALL peak performance happens when you are in a very specific brain wave frequency.

The frequency is the Zone. 


If you want to perform your best, you need to access Zone brain waves.


Systematically training your mind to access the Zone is the fastest way to improve consistency, increase quality and start achieving your goals.

Accessing the Zone is also one most of the powerful and enjoyable experiences in sport and life.

GGZAP coaching transforms neuroscience principles into simple and highly effective training progressions that are guaranteed to help you improve faster, play better and have more fun in the process.

Research Sources for GGZAP

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Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
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GGZAP Core Concepts

Zone: Peak Mental State

Sport... for performance

Work... for productivity

Life... for passion

Zone: Peak Performance State

Neurobiology... Mental Focus

Physiology... Physical Efficiency

Psychology... Manage Emotions

Zone: Systematic Training

Research proven concepts

Athlete tested processes

Simple. Achievable. Progressions.

The GGZAP Mission

Help you access the Zone

to learn faster, play better

and enjoy the process.

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ZAP Brain Wave Science


What Golfers Say About ZAP

ZAP Emotions Science

Eric Pollock
CEO Atreo

I have been playing for 10 years and I have been totally addicted to tinkering with my swing.


This resulted in my game being very inconsistent every time I stepped onto the course.


With Geoff’s ZAP science based instruction my focus on the golf course has been completely transformed from  weakness to a strength.


Geoff has helped me go from a 12 handicap down to a 5.4 handicap. Numbers aside, it is way more fun now and not constantly analyze my mechanics on the course.

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Dudley Tarlton
VP TransMontaigne

There are hundreds of swing cues a golfer can use. I am pretty sure I have tried them all!

Getting to the point where I think of only one during a swing... or even better none, has helped me lower my handicap to the single digits.


Geoff's ZAP mental  performance training has shown me the science behind peak performance AND how to apply the science on the driving range and the golf course.  


The result is my confidence has grown dramatically and my scores keep getting better on a consistent basis.

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Andy Lyford
Pres. Charlton Investment

As a former collegiate golfer, I really appreciate Geoff's ability to make complex swing thoughts simple. 


Most swing coaches focus on the physical, which is merely a fraction of the success pie. 


Geoff’s unique science based approach to mental performance has allowed me to quiet my mind in stressful situations which frees up my body to perform at a much higher level than I normally access under pressure.

His ZAP training programs are very different than anything I have experienced and they have helped me improve my game.

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 Zone Performance Deep Dive

A Zone chat with Kelley Brooke:

2018 LPGA Professional of the Year

Director of Golf for Bethpage GG

D1 College and LPGA Tour Player

This video is part of the GGZAP

Master Your Mental Game online course.

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