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Zone Trigger #5

Trigger #5 for getting in the "Zone" when you swing a golf club.

"Autotelic" Action.

Not sure what "Autotelic Action" means?

You are not alone. 🙂

When I mention this term to new clients... most of them get a very quizzical look on their face.

Even though the term autotelic has been around a while... the use of the term related to athletes is relatively new.

The simplest way to think of "Autotelic Action" is... You do something because you love it.

Any action that you perform because you love the "Process" of performing that action... Is "Autotelic Action".

An action that is driven by achieving a specific result is not an "Autotelic Action".

"Autotelic Action" also brings us full circle back to Zone Trigger #1... Full Immersion in the Process of Performing.

But "Autotelic Action" also adds one key element to Zone Trigger #1... Love.

Doing something because you want a result is a very different focus... than doing something because you love doing it.

When you really love doing something just for the sake of doing it... this triggers a number of keys for getting into the Zone:

Heightens attention

Increases focus

Increases energy

Quiets thoughts

You get a 4 for 1 bonus!

How can you apply this to your golf?


Find your "Smile Sources".

When you practice and when you play... actively search for the things that can make you smile even if you're having a bad day.

The sound of a ball hit in the middle of the club face.

The feel of a smooth, effortless swing.

The feel of the club brushing the grass perfectly when you hit a chip shot.

The beauty of the mowing patterns on a lush green fairway.

Your "Smile "Sources" can literally come from anywhere.

The key is to identify your personal "Smile Sources" and learn how to use them as triggers to get in the Zone or close to the Zone more often.

Remember... Close is pretty darn good!

Have you ever heard the saying "do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life"?

The same is true for performance.

It is very easy to get lost in the search for results:

Distance results

Accuracy results

Score results


Research has proven that if you identify and focus on the things you love on the way to those results... You will get there faster.

You will also have a heck of a lot more fun getting there!

In the next post we're going to chat about how "Autotelic Action" can be also be a huge help psychologically for you as a golfer.

Make sure to check back!


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