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Zone Trigger #3


Trigger #3


If you want to get in the Zone... you can not be multitasking.

Neuroscience Research has proven that when it comes to peak performance in sports multiple cues/goals dramatically reduces your chances of accessing the Zone.

How does this relate to your golf game?

It means you need to find ONE Cue/Goal for your swing and fully COMMIT TO and TRUST that ONE Cue/Goal.

It is also VERY IMPORTANT the single Cue/Goal is a PICTURE or a FEEL... not a thought.

Thoughts are processed in the wrong part of the brain for sports performance.

Do you think about your fingers/wrist/elbow when you write your signature?

Thinking and controlling are ok for when you are training movement skills... HOWEVER, THEY DO NOT WORK WHEN YOU ARE PERFORMING.

Thinking is too slow, too control oriented AND when you tell yourself you need to think... you are actually telling yourself you do not TRUST that you can accomplish the task successfully.

Last weekend I did a mental game session with one of my low handicap clients.

He was not playing to his potential because he was using multiple cues during his swing (one for the top of the backswing and one for the release point in the downswing).

When there was no pressure on the shot he was fine.

As soon as the pressure increased his shot quality decreased.

Pressure dramatically increases the importance of your Focus being strong and directed to YOUR optimum Cue/Goal.

Just ask the players from the #USOpen2021 yesterday!!!

We did some assessment exercises to find what Cue/Goal triggered the highest level of TRUST and then we fine tuned that Cue/Goal until his TRUST level was as strong as possible.

Then I had him make swings with different clubs to different targets to test the Cue effectiveness and his TRUST level.

These small tests helped increase his belief in the validity of what we has assessed.

His ONE CLEAR GOAL was Rhythm.

When he found his Rhythm... his timing got better and it freed him up to "let the swing happen" instead of having multiple cues and "trying to make it happen".

Want to get in the Zone more with your swing?

Identify your ONE CLEAR GOAL that triggers the most TRUST.

For visual performers it will likely be related to the target... for feel performers it will be a feel in your body.

Either way from START to FINISH... one cue/one goal.


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