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Zone Trigger #3

Trigger #3 for getting in the Zone when you swing a golf club:

One Clear Goal.

Multiple goals drastically reduce your chances of getting into the Zone.

This means:

Multiple swing thoughts

Multiple swing cues

Multiples of anything to focus on

Make it almost impossible for you to get into the Zone when you hit a golf shot.

You can still hit good golf shots.

But accessing your peak mental state and your best golf shots under pressure... will not happen when you have multiple goals or a single goal that is not clear.

Research studies have shown that when you have multiple goals... You cannot focus strongly on both at the same time.

Your brain switches back and forth rapidly between the different goals.

The switching back and forth does not allow you to focus strongly on either of the cues.

You are getting a little bit of both and not a lot of either.

This also does not allow you to access the ideal brainwave frequency for peak performance.

Your brain becomes too active and your level of calm and trust will decrease.

In my experience working with golfers... they often find it very challenging to reduce the number of swing thoughts.

We tend to use the swing thoughts as crutches to help us overcome our lack of trust that we can execute the shot we want.

Here are the keys to achieving One Clear Goal on a regular basis:

1. Reduce the number of swing thoughts or swing cues gradually. Don't try to go from three or four swing cues to one all at once. Take the Band-Aid off a little bit at a time.

2. Do some testing at the range to find out whether It is easier for you to trust visual cues or feel cues. If One Clear Goal (cue) is what you need... then make sure you're using the one that's easiest for you to trust.

As you can imagine... It takes time and effort to get to only one cue and make sure it's the right cue for each type of shot you hit.

Tomorrow we're going to go a little bit more in depth so make sure to check back!


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