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Zone Signs

Zone Triggers

Zone Signs

Over the last week or so we have explored the most common "Triggers" that help you get in the Zone (or close to it) when you hit a golf shot.

Understanding the research proven "Triggers" gives you tools you can use during your training sessions to effectively improve your mental game performance.

Now it's time to explore the "Signs" that help you recognize when you are in the Zone or close to it.

Knowing the "Signs" gives you indicators of whether you are moving closer to Zone access or moving further away.

This helps you fine tune your pre shot routine and practice processes to make sure your training translates into better performance.

The first Zone sign is Calm.

More specifically a feeling of Calm in your mind.

No thoughts

No emotions

Think of your mind like the surface of a lake.

When you are Calm the surface of the lake is smooth like a mirror.

When your mind is a Calm mirror, the image of the shot that you put in your mind can be interpreted clearly and executed accurately by your body.

When your mind is not Calm... the disturbances on the surface make it difficult for your body to interpret the picture you are putting in your head for the shot you want.

Thoughts and emotions pull your focus into the future or the past and out of presence... creating disturbances on the surface of the lake.

Sometimes they are just small disturbances and sometimes they are huge waves... but they always distract you from presence.

Which means your lake is no longer Calm.

When you're practicing it can be very helpful to create a Calm chart.

Keep track of whether things help you feel Calm before you hit the shot or whether they disturb your Calm.

By noticing what helps and hinders Calm you will start to develop a much more effective mental game pre-shot routine.

Far too often my clients assume that pre-shot routine is all about physical processes.

The mental pre-shot routine is actually more important than the physical.

Your body can prepare for hitting a shot in a number of ways.

However... your mind needs to be in a very specific state for you to hit good shots.

The key to remember is recognizing Calm and training for Calm in your pre-shot routine can be a very powerful tool for getting in the Zone more often.

Make sure to check back for tomorrow to learn about the next Zone Sign!


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