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Zone Sign #2

Zone Sign #2


During a golf swing have you ever felt that you were in total control... but you weren't actively trying to control anything?

That is Autopilot.

It sounds like a crazy theory from the Matrix.

But it is a research proven reality.

Complete control without attempting to control.

Mastery without conscious effort.

Just like the Autopilot on a plane.

The reason why you feel like you have control is because your Subconscious mind is completely controlling the movements.

Just like the onboard computer controls the flying of the plane.

Your Subconscious mind is your onboard computer.

The reason why you don't feel like you're actively controlling anything is because your Conscious mind is quiet.

Your Conscious mind is the pilot on the plane.

Being Calm enough and having enough Trust to allow your Subconscious mind to control your swing movements is one of the biggest secrets to getting in the Zone more often.

The Sign that you will notice is the overwhelming feeling that your swing is happening automatically... like your entire swing is on Autopilot.

The reality is... your swing is not happening automatically, it's being controlled by the patterns in your Subconscious mind that you have trained over time.

Just like getting on a bicycle and knowing how to ride... even if you haven't ridden one in a long time.

Or writing your signature... without having to think about the movements in your fingers your wrist and your elbow.

Your Subconscious is the Peak Performance location in your brain.

Your Conscious mind works too slowly and does not take in enough information to help you perform your best.

What would happen to you riding a bicycle if you started thinking about what your feet were doing, where your balance point is and how your hands work hold the handlebars?

I'm not saying your conscious mind is not important in golf.

It is.

It needs to help you make the right decision as far as the shots you're going to hit.

Just like the pilot of a plane chooses the destination and elevation for the flight.

But once you have committed to a shot... you need to be able to turn off your Conscious mind and let your Subconscious mind run the show while you're swinging the club.

This can be a big challenge.

In my experience most golfers don't want to let go of control.

They feel like they need to have swing thoughts.

They want to think about the latest "shiny object" tip they saw on YouTube.

However... research science on performance tells us that trying to control is not the way to hit your best shots.

I have a mantra I share with all my clients.

Let it happen... Don't make it happen.

Picture what you want.

Feel what you want.

Make the picture and the feel as clear and sharp as you can.

Once you've done that... let it happen.

Let the Autopilot in your Subconscious mind access the highest level of swing that you have trained.

Trying to control anything in that Subconscious pattern... is just interference that causes the message from your brain to your muscles to be distracted.

This distraction is what causes you to hit shots that are much poorer than the skills that you know you have trained.

The next Zone Sign we will explore is distortion of time.

Make sure to check back It is a very interesting subject!


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