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Zone Helpers

More helpful Keys to getting in the Zone when you hit golf shots.

Let go of Thoughts

Let go of Emotions

Let go of Tension

One of the biggest misconceptions about the Zone is... that you have to do MORE to get in the Zone.

The research proven reality is... You need to do less.

Let it happen

Do not

Try to make it happen

Pay attention

Do not

Try to control

Use Effortless Power

Do not

Force Powerless Effort

Why is doing less and letting go so important?

Because it triggers the optimum brain waves in your mind and performance systems in your body.

Your best performances come from your subconscious mind... where your trained patterns are.

This is a very low frequency dominated brain wave range.

More specifically it is on the border of the Alpha and Theta brain wave frequencies.

When you try to control your movements... you are using your conscious mind and that interferes with you being able to access your best performances.

When you try to control... Your brain wave frequency increases and moves up into the Beta range.

The Beta range is great for thinking and can be helpful for training new skills... but it is terrible for performing the skills you have already trained.

Thinking and swinging are not a good mix.

Thinking and the beta brain wave range slow your brain processing down and reduce the amount of sensory information you can take in.

If you want to perform your best... You need your brain to be working very quickly and taking in as much information as possible.

When you write your signature:

Do you try to control all the movements of your fingers, your knuckles, your wrist and your elbow... Or do you just let it happen.

Hitting golf shots is definitely more challenging than writing your signature but the principle is the same.

You need to Trust your trained patterns and let your trained skills do the job.

Remember... Your brain triggers all your movements

If you want to get in the Zone or near the Zone more often you need to stop trying to control the result and let the process happen.

Over the next week or so we're going to explore how you can recognize when your brain is moving closer to the optimum frequency for getting in the zone.

Make sure to check back!


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