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Zone Full Recap

Zone Triggers and Signs Recap

Zone Triggers

#1 Fully Focused/Immersed in the Process

#2 Sensory Focus NOT Cognitive Focus

#3 ONE Clear Goal

#4 Challenge to Skill Ratio

#5 Autotelic Action

Zone Signs

#1 Calm

#2 Autopilot

#3 Time Distortion

#4 Ease/Effortlessness

The Big Picture is simple:

Train the Triggers

Recognize the Signs

Remember... you do not have to be in Zone all the time to play great golf.

Getting close to the Zone on a regular basis is enough to make a HUGE positive difference to your game.

If you are just training your swing and neglecting to train your mind... you will always be stuck on the the roller coaster of inconsistent performance.


Because Muscle Memory is a myth.

Performance research has proven that ALL swing movements are stored in your brain and triggered in your brain.

Which means:

If you are neglecting to train your brain... you are not maximizing the improvement of your game.

Your swing is important.

But your brain is what controls your swing.

If you want to take a look at the Signs and Triggers in depth you can go back through the posts on the page... or you can check the blog page on my website.

If you are ready to finally take your brain and your game to new heights... I will be announcing a new Mastermind Program soon (one for coaches and one for players).

The Mastermind is specifically designed to get your mind, your body and your emotions all on the same page when you play golf.

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions!


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