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Zone Driven Training #2

As a PGA Teaching Professional... my goal is to help golfers move toward and achieve their goals.

I have always strived to make the process as efficient and fun as possible.

Maximum improvement and enjoyment realized... from minimum time and energy spent.

15 years ago I discovered a new tool for helping golfers play better, improve faster and have more fun.

As it turns out, it is now my most important tool... mental performance training.

More specifically, training to access the Zone.

Why the Zone?

Because all peak performance (not just golf) happens when the brain is in the very specific brainwave frequency of the Zone.

Think of getting your brain in the zone frequency range like maximizing the smash factor of all your shots.

Everything works more efficiently when you are in the Zone.

Just like all the ball flight characteristics work more efficiently when you maximize your Smash Factor.

Like Smash Factor, you don't have to be perfect to see the benefits of the Zone.

Getting close to the Optimum Smash Factor can make a huge difference in your shots.

Getting close to the Zone can make a huge difference in your ability to shoot lower scores and have more fun on the course.

Over the last 15 years I have worked with thousands of golfers and they have been a tremendous help in fine-tuning the process of accessing the Zone.

Now I am doing a lot of work with golf teachers to help them grow their business and improve their effectiveness with their students using Zone driven training.

Both my students and the teachers I train are surprised how simple and effective the basic process is.

There are concepts to be learned and science to be understood.

It is important to understand the basics and the goal when it comes to Zone driven mental performance training.

They give you the Why and the What.

But, it is the home, range and on-course exercises that have the transformative effect on golfers and golf teachers.... Because they give you the How.

If you are interested in improving your own golf game or increasing your business by adding Zone driven mental training to your tool belt... Drop a comment below or hit me up with a PM!



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