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Zone Action Plan

Zone Action Plan If you want to make changes you have to have a plan to make them effectively. Here is the plan that I have used over the years to make changes as quickly and effectively as possible. The Change Progression R.A.M. ✓Recognize ✓Apply ✓Master •Recognize Clearly and Accurately Recognize the difference between the current action and the desired Goal action. The Recognition must be complete in three key areas: ✓Focus – Is your Focus in the present moment (focused) or wandering in the future or past (distracted) ✓Emotions – Are you using them (trust=positive) or are they abusing you (try=negative) ✓Body – Immediate recognition of performance state key areas (tension, breathing, heart rate, eye focus) •Apply Once accurate recognition has been achieved… the next step is to begin reprogramming to replace the old “bad” pattern with the new “Goal” Pattern. There are three keys to making the reprogramming pattern as quickly and permanently as possible: ✓Quality of repetitions – At LEAST 80% Correct. Habits change most effectively when you are doing a lot more good (Goal) reps than bad (old habit) reps. ✓Consistency of repetitions – Reps Every day is CRITICAL. Old habits have a lot of momentum… if you want to change them a few correct reps EVERY day is better lots of reps a few times per week. ✓Intensity of repetitions – Being highly aware of ALL aspects of the changes you are making during the process… speeds the process. More information and clearer information make for more efficient change. •Master In order to be able to trust the new pattern and use it under the pressure of competition… you need to practice it under increasing levels of challenge. ✓Trust comes from doing it successfully more than you fail (there is always going to be failure as you increase challenge). ✓This means the key to Mastering the new Pattern… is giving your self a series of challenges that gradually increase in difficulty so you can trust it at higher and higher levels of challenge… but also see yourself doing it successfully more than the see yourself failing. The R.A.M. Process is the core of any successful improvement process. You can take shortcuts… but the foundation will not be solid moving forward and will crumble under pressure eventually. You may have experienced this before. 😉 If you have any questions… give me a shout. #GetInTheZone #makingchanges


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