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You Have 3 Choices

Is it time to take your game to the next level?

Are you ready to finally do what it takes to achieve significant positive changes to how well you play and how much fun you have?

The first step… is to create a map of the process that will make sure you are getting the most improvement for the least amount of time and effort.

The map is made up of three “regions”.

1. Skills Fitness

2. Physical Fitness

3. Mental Fitness

Skills Fitness is your technique… Swing Path, Swing Timing, Face Control etc.

Physical Fitness is your body… Flexibility, Strength, Speed etc.

Mental Fitness is your mind… Focus Control, Emotions Management, Visualization Skills.

In my 30 plus tears of teaching and coaching experience… most golfers only like to visit the “Skills Fitness” region of the improvement map.

Apparently, the “Skills Fitness” brochures all have great pictures of the Caribbean and promises of really low golf scores! 😉

If I could only swing a bit more from the inside…

If I could just stop chunking my wedges…

If I could only square my club face with the driver…

In the last decade or so I have noticed more golfers taking an occasional vacation the “Physical Fitness” region of the improvement map.

It is great to see clients interested in stretching, core and leg strength and of course… speed training.

Apparently, they have been paying close attention to what the tour pros on TV are doing. 😊

Unfortunately, if you are like the vast majority of golfers, “Mental Fitness” has been out of sight and out of mind. Sorry… I couldn’t resist the pun.

Pro athletes are beginning to recognize the value of “Mental Fitness” to their physical performance.

Lebron James is a dedicated meditator.

Russell Wilson and the Seahawks work with a sports psychologist on a regular basis.

Justin Rose and Jason Day are just two of the growing number of PGA Tour pros using “Mental Game” coaches.

What about you?

You practice to improve your swing path.

You work out to add more speed and flexibility.

Why aren’t you doing exercises to improve your “Mental Game”?

Do you know every swing you make is triggered in your mind?

No matter how good your swing is… if your brain is sending the wrong signals to your body you will get a poor shot.

That is why pros with amazing swings can still hit awful shots.

It is not because they lose their swing.

It is because they lose the ability to Focus correctly and that denies them access to their best swing.

If you want access to the highest level of “Skills Fitness” and “Physical Fitness” that you have worked soooo hard to train… you need to improve your “Mental Fitness”.

Mental Fitness is the software that runs your hardware.

If you have buggy software (Mental Game) then your hardware (Skills Fitness) will drive you nuts with inconsistencies and failure under pressure.

Mental Fitness is not voodoo or witchcraft.

It is simple science.

Learn to access a specific brain wave frequency dominance and you can access your best swings on command.

The training is simple too.

You do not have to go meditate on a mountain and say ommmmm for the next 20 years.

10 minutes a day can make a huge difference to your game.

Give me a call to find out how!

Or… if you are a DIY type you can take my 7 Day Mental Game Challenge to see what Mental Fitness is all about.

Why not visit the most important part of the improvement map?😊


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