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Train the Trigger

Have you experienced this...

The shot that rockets off the sweet spot of the club and goes directly to the target just like you pictured it.

Most golfers spend a high percentage of their practice time tuning their swing to recreate that shot.

Because they assume that it is muscle memory that triggers that shot.

Have you experienced this...

The mental state of standing over a shot knowing that you're going to hit a really good shot.

How much time do you spend practicing trying to get to that mental state and being able to access it on the course when it matters most?

The tour pros and their mental coaches know that it's the mental state that triggers the physical swing that produces those great shots.

They know that research science has proven muscle memory is a myth.

It is the signals from the brain that trigger your best shots or your worst shots.

That is why within minutes you can produce great shots and awful shots.

Your swing does not change... your mindset causes your swing to change.

So the pros spend a lot of time fine tuning their pre shot routine and their focus to be able to get to that optimum mental state in tournaments under pressure when it matters most.

What about you?

Do you spend any time strengthening your mental game or do you just work on the physical parts of the improvement process?

I'm not saying swing training isn't important... It is.

I spend a lot of time with my clients helping them get their mind, their body and their emotions on the same page.

Which is really the big picture key.

Get your mind, your body and your emotions working together and you will get more of those sweet spot shots.

The most effective way to get better faster is to make sure your training your body, your mind and your emotions.

Every shot is a team effort.

It's about finding the right balance of all three team members that helps you improve faster and gives you more of those incredible sweet spot shots when it matters the most.


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