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It is important to track the Results of your shots.



+Short game


When you track your shot Results you have a much better idea of your strengths that you can rely on and your weaknesses that you need to work on.

It's also important to track the Process that triggers your shot results.




+Self Talk

When you track the key mental game metrics in your pre-shot preparation... you will get a clear picture of what metrics are helping you hit good shots and what metrics are triggering your bad shots.

A very important part of my work with golf clients is showing them how to use mental game scorecards to quickly assess and improve their Zone access on the course.

Mental game scorecards can also help you keep your mind tuned into the process and quiet the noise of focusing on score.

If you want to find out how to use mental game scorecards for your key metrics give me a shout. 👍🙂


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