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The Next Shot

Where is your Focus when you play golf?

Do you focus on the score for each hole?

Do you focus on the score you want to shoot for each nine?

Do you focus on the score you want to shoot for 18?

Do you focus on your last shot... the one that you just hit really poorly


Do you Focus on doing everything you need to do to hit one good shot?

And do that for every shot.

If you want to play better golf there's only one correct answer.

Put 100% of your Focus on preparation and execution of your next shot.

Do your best to prepare and execute for each shot... and the score will take care of itself.

Focus on the scores you want to achieve... and your stealing focus from the shot at hand.

It is challenging enough to minimize distractions to your focus and focus on the correct cue for each shot.

Why make it harder by stealing focus from the next shot and directing it towards results.

Did you watch Collin Morakawa win the Open this weekend?

He was by far the best in the field at keeping his focus... One Shot At A Time.

He even commented on it after individual rounds and after he completed the tournament.

His words were "100% committed to one shot at a time".

This is one of the biggest keys of the mental game for golf.

Learn to apply all of your Focus to the next shot... and the number of shots the entire round takes will be a lot better.

Take care of the process and the results will follow. 🏌️‍♂️⛳👍


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