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The 80% Guideline

The 80% Guideline.

Ever wonder why it takes you so long to change old swing habits.

Truth is there are a lot of reasons.

The main reason is that your body likes movement patterns it's comfortable with... not what's right or new.

What feels good... is usually wrong when you're making changes.

Ever try to change your posture?

When I did a full day long clinic with Tiger back in 2000... He said one of Butch's favorite sayings was:

Feel is not real.

Which is why they used a lot of video whenever they were trying to make changes.

In the 20,00 plus lesson I have given... I see this repeated over and over.

When we take video and the student looks at the movement it is rarely happening like they "feel" it is.

The bottom line is...

You have to "see" the new change repeatedly before you can start to "feel" the difference between right and wrong accurately.

When helping students make changes I always remind them of an old biofeedback formula to help make sure they are executing the "see" to accurate "feel" process effectively:

The 80% Guideline.

If you're not doing 80% of your repetitions correctly you're not actually making a change.

You are just reinforcing the old pattern.

It can be tough obeying the 80% guideline.

The tendency is always to just keep hitting balls thinking that the change is going to magically happen.

Even if it does happen it will often fail you under pressure because it has not been imprinted correctly.

I always pass along a phrase that helps to make sure you are obeying the guideline and making change that holds up under pressure.

Reduce to Produce.

If you can't do 80% of your repetitions correctly you need to reduce something do it accurately.

Things that you can reduce:




My personal favorite is reducing speed.

When you go a bit slower it's much easier to be aware of whether you're doing the movement correctly or incorrectly.

You don't have to go super slow-mo Thi Chi slow.

Just enough slower so you can do it correctly and recognize when you're not doing it correctly.

There's patterning science behind this.

When you go the same speed you've always gone and you're trying to make a change you're making that change very difficult.

The old dominant pattern is going to be super strong when you go normal speed.

Reducing speed not only gives you better awareness it also means it's going to be easier to change the pattern because you're not fighting the old pattern as much.

So if you want faster changes swing a little bit slower and obey the 80% Guideline.


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