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Swing Thoughts

Swing Thoughts

Do you ever wonder why you have to change them so often?

×Day to Day

×Range to Course

×Hole to Hole

×Shot to Shot

It's because swing thoughts are in the wrong system in your Brain for PLAYING golf.

Swing thoughts are outstanding for LEARNING to swing and IMPROVING your swing... because they give your Conscious mind indicators of what you're trying to change.

They are like road signs for a road you have never driven before. ⚠️🚧🛣️

They make sure you are doing the right thing in unfamiliar territory.


You can only play your best golf using your Subconscious mind.

There are no swing thoughts in your Subconscious mind.

Imagine other movement skills... like writing your signature, throwing a ball or riding a bike.

You don't have writing thoughts, throwing thoughts or riding thoughts.

You just do it.

That is the definition of letting your Subconscious mind run the show.

One of the first keys that I work with for all golfers... is helping them learn to separate when to use swing thoughts and when to trust the subconscious.

It is powerful knowledge.

It is also the first step to playing better golf on a consistent basis.





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