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Swing or Brain?

Want to improve the quality of your swing?

The fix is simple.

Identify what you want to change.

Make a high percentage of correct swings daily to fix it.

Want to improve your ability to access your new high quality swing under pressure?

The fix is simple.

Strengthen your focus.

Take your focus to the "gym" daily until you can access optimum focus on command.

No matter how good your swing is, you cannot access that swing under pressure if you're focus isn't strong enough.

Just look at the tour pros.

They have great swings.

But under pressure, if their focus is not strong enough, they can't access those great swings.

Over 85% of Tour pros have mental performance coaches.

Shouldn't you?

If you are only working on your swing nd not training your brain... you are in for a roller coaster ride.



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