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Swing Focus

What do you Focus on when you write your signature?

Do you Focus on:

The movement of the pen

The movement of your fingertips

The movement of your knuckles The movement of your wrist

The movement of your elbow

When you are learning to write your signature or changing your signature, you might focus on any of those.

But when your signature needs to be correct.

When you are under pressure to have an accurate signature.

Like signing the winning Powerball check. ;-)

Focusing on "how" to write the signature will not produce an accurate signature.

You will not be able to cash that Powerball check.

Writing your signature is a complex movement skill.

When you want to execute a complex movement skill, you need to trust the "how" and Focus on the Goal for the movement skill.

Having one clear goal is also one of the most powerful triggers for getting your brain into the Zone.

For most people the Goal is either a "visual" or a "feel" .

The Goal for "visual" signature writers would be clearly seeing what your signature looks like and trusting your body to match that visual.

The goal for "feel" signature writers would be having a specific rhythm or flow to the movement of signing your signature and trusting your body to match that rhythm or flow.

Try writing your signature and see what your mind focuses on right before the pen starts moving.

Is it a visual or is it a feel?

The golf swing is also a complex movement skill.

Maybe just a little bit more complex than writing your signature. 😊

But the principal is the same.

When you are learning the complex movement or making changes to the movement, it is very helpful to focus on the "how".

Being aware of all the parts and what they should be doing is super helpful for improving the movement skill accuracy.

But when it's time to hit a shot to a target, you need to focus on the Goal and that Goal will be a Sensory Goal... a visual or a feel.

This is especially especially important when you are under pressure.

Learning to trust the "how" and Focus on the Sensory Goal is one of the biggest keys to hitting your best shots when it matters most.

When I work with golfers, one of the first things we do is identify the Sensory Goal that triggers the most trust for them.

There is no right or wrong... Just what is right or wrong for you.

The next step is to build a pre-shot routine that brings the golfer's Focus to that Sensory Goal for every shot.

It is always fun to see how surprised golfers are at the increase in consistency and quality, just from focusing on the same thing before every shot and having that same thing be the right thing.


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