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Are you taking the right steps to make sure you play your best when it matters the most?

Here is a Proven Progression that can help:

1. Study

2. Quiz

3. Test

Let me share an analogy to explain.

When you were in school and there was a lot of new information to learn... you followed a specific Progression.

  • You studied the new information to learn it.

  • Then you took a quiz to see how well you had learned it.

  • After taking a few quizzes... you took a test to see how well you could use the information you learned UNDER PRESSURE.

This is a Success Progression.

Small steps that follow increasing levels of challenge and give you the ability to succeed at each level of challenge.

If used correctly it can be a powerful tool in school.

The same is true in golf.

  • The range is where you study... raising your awareness of your swing and learning how to hit better shots.

  • Quizzes are putting yourself into playing situations at the range and during casual/quiz rounds on the course.

  • Tournaments and important rounds are where you get tested.

In my 25 years teaching Golf and coaching the Mental Game I have seen waaaay too many golfers skipping the quizzes.

When you go right from studying at the range to taking a test on the course... you are setting yourself up to fail the tests.

Have you ever felt like you were hitting it great at the range and then played POORLY in an important round?

Did you skip the quizzes?

The extra step of quizzing yourself gives you a much more accurate assessment of how prepared you are for the upcoming test.

It also better simulates the pressure you will experience that during your most important rounds.

Especially if you REALLY challenge yourself during the quizzes.

Sport science research says that at least part of your practice should be MORE challenging than what you experience when you play.

How can you do that?

  • Play an imaginary course (a really tough course!)

  • Visualize your toughest shots and execute them

  • Challenging lies (e.g. bare ground, in a divot)

  • Distractions (e.g. noises, bad stance)

There are lots of way to give yourself quizzes at the range.

Use your imagination. Have fun with Challenging yourself and giving your self tough quizzes.

The tougher the quizzes... the easier the tests on the course will seem.

Research science tells us we need Progressive Steps to maximize performance.

Don't skip the quizzes!

They are a critical step in your Success Progression.

You may spend long hours at the range studying.

BUT... you still need to quiz yourself to adequately prepare for taking tests.

Especially if that test is a tournament.

Tournaments are like SAT exams!

If you have you experienced a REALLY big gap from the Range to the Course?

Maybe you need to quiz yourself more often AND using challenging quizzes



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