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Struggling with Your Mental Game?

Fragile Focus?

Poor Under Pressure?

Consistently Inconsistent?

3 tools can help you strengthen and rebuild your #MentalFitness.




The key is to understand the big picture how all three interact and affect YOUR #AthleticPerformance.

This helps you make more accurate self-assessments of your challenges... which helps you create YOUR best plan for positive change.

When it comes to psychology…

I am guessing you have experienced the devastating effect anxiety, fear and anger can have on performance.

I know I have.

BUT… do you know how to build and utilize a pre-competition routine to help manage your most challenging emotions?

Do you know how to strengthen you #SelfBelief using self-talk to boost your game day confidence?

Do you know how to separate your Focus from your Emotions in the moment… so you can #AccessYourBest more often?

These are just a few of the psychological training exercises I share with my athletes in our private sessions and in my #MentalFitnessforAthletes Online Course.

When it comes to Neuroscience…

It is not about going to grad school and dedicating your life to brain research just to shave a few strokes off your golf score.

It IS about knowing that there is a specific brain wave frequency range where ALL peak athletic performance takes place.

It is also about understanding that learning to trigger optimum brain wave frequency (electricity)… also triggers optimum brain chemistry.

2 for 1’s are awesome!

Most importantly… it is about understanding how the optimum brain electricity and brain chemistry for #ZonePerformance feel… and how to train yourself to consistently access the best of both powerful performance enhancers.

When it comes to meditation…

It is not about sitting in the lotus position on the top of a mountain until you achieve spiritual enlightenment. Although that certainly would not be a bad thing. 😉

It IS about learning to access #Presence on command.

It IS about strengthening your ability to direct your Focus toward positive Cues, Triggers and Targets on command.

It IS about being able to maintain your #Focus despite interference from both internal and external distractions… under the pressure of competition.

The Big Picture of the relationship between Psychology, Neuroscience and Meditation and how they affect YOUR performance… is very intriguing and not necessarily intuitive.

What your emotions feel and what your mind experiences and what science proves about the Mental Game during peak performance is universal in sport and also in life.

Turn off your emotions, turn off your thoughts, tune in to a Cue, turn on your senses… and let it happen.

This is your secret sauce for athletic success.


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