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Signal Quality

ALL good swings begin in your brain.

It is NOT the memory in your muscles that controls your swing.

It is the electrical signals that your brain sends to your muscles that determines whether you execute one of your top quality swings or not.

Learn to trigger the right signals... and you will get a lot more of your good swings and a LOT less bad swings.

The best signals happen when you are in the Zone.

The reality is that no one can be in the Zone all the time.

But... learning the steps to access the Zone will help you get CLOSER TO THE ZONE more often.

In my experience working with golfers over the last 25 years... this is the fastest way to minimize the number of bad shots that cost you strokes and trigger negative emotions.

Over the few posts we are going to explore some helpful information and tools designed to help you experience more Zone and near Zone.

Here is a diagram that explores some Personality influences on the Zone.


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