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Sensory Goal Helpful Hints

A few more things to remember about your Sensory Goal(s):

1. You may have different Sensory Goals for different types of shots.

For example:

My Sensory Goal for a full swings is a kinesthetic or feel goal. My sensory goal for chips and putts is a visual goal. There is no right or wrong... Just what is right or wrong for you. The key is to Test, Test and Test some more. The more you test, the better you will perform under pressure

2. Make sure your Sensory Goal(s) are clear and precise.

For example:

Just determining that your Sensory Goal is a visual cue is not enough. What exact visual cue is it? Is it the target, Is it the shot shape or is it a combination? What exact feel cue is it? Is it speed, is it effort level or Is it rhythm? The clearer and more precise your Sensory Goal is the better you will perform.

3. Recheck your Sensory Goal(s) periodically.


Because as your swing and short game develop, your Sensory Goal(s) may need to adjust.

The Key to Success with the Sensory Goal... is that at the end of each pre-shot routine, you have maximum Trust that what you are focusing on gives you the best chance of hitting the shot you want.


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