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Self Belief

Getting better means overcoming challenges. Overcoming challenges requires Self Belief. Self Belief is your immediate, authentic, unfiltered response to a new challenge. The responses range from: I can't - Fear I'm not sure - Try I've Got This - Trust Self Belief that you can overcome new challenges is the psychological foundation for improving faster and playing better. When you combine a stronger Psychological foundation and stronger Focus you have a powerful combination for better performance. Building Self Belief does not happen overnight. It takes a dedicated process of overcoming small daily mini challenges. They can be golf challenges, they can be physical movement challenges and they can be mental focus challenges. The key is strengthening the Belief that you have the ability to overcome new challenges. It helps to start small and work up to bigger challenges It's also important to give yourself permission to fail. When you do not overcome challenges that is often the best learning experience you can have. As long as the overall balance scale is tipped toward successfully overcoming challenges you will move forward towards your goals. Helping people improve their Self Belief is one of my favorite parts of being a mental coach. When Belief gets stronger people play better... but it also translates directly into a happier and more productive life. #playbettergolf #getinthezone #focus

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