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Reduce to Produce

"Reduce to Produce"

One of my favorite sayings to keep clients on track at the range and on the course.

Your brain will give you the best results if you give it one task at a time.

It is not wired to multitask.

Especially when you're talking about complicated movement skills.

Playing: One sensory goal per swing.

Multiple swing thoughts is a recipe for disaster.

Improvement: One swing change at a time.

Trying to change too many things means you probably won't change any.

Repetitions Focus on quality, not quantity.

When you're changing an old habit or grooving a new habit, the key is the quality of the repetitions and the consistency of the repetitions, not the volume of repetitions.

10 swings a day every day with 8 of them being correct is much better than 100 swings every other day with 50 of them being correct.

When you Reduce to Produce your brain and your body will thank you and your game will get better faster.


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